My Favorite Amazon Purchases from March

*This post contains affiliate links.

Spring is in the air! Outdoor activities and cute spring clothes had me super inspired in March and it's time to look back on my fav Amazon finds from the month. Read on to delve into my top must have amazon essentials from the last month.

These are by far our favorite toddler shoe. Easy to slide on and off, come in tons of colors, and they aren't expensive so it hurts less when my daughter steps in a bunch of mud.

I was unsure about this set but LOVED it once I tried it on. It's super soft and comfy and is going to be amazing for postpartum. It might even become my hospital going home outfit.

A true staple in my wardrobe right now. I don't know how many colors is too many colors but I am up to three. Totally recommend.

Siena's favorite activity at the moment. they are REUSABLE and don't stick to the floor so they are easy to remove from spots stickers shouldn't be. Also come in a ton of different categories. A really good gift idea too.
I love that these are easy to grab for little hands. Much easier to use than typical chalk and doesn't get all over your hands. You can also buy refills for them which I love.

This is another one I have in multiple colors. It's super flattering and easy to wear the skirt above the bump.

Happy Shopping!

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